TRAVolume 1

TRAVolume 1

Chapter 1: I’m The Sole Soul In Control Of My Soul

I, TRAVIS, am the sole soul in control of I soul.

Î TRAVIS di most Î, I TRAVIS di most I, high TRAVIS di most high.

I’m I only profit. I’m I only prophet. I don’t need to sell I soul. I sole/soul is soled & souled only to I self. Î, I, i, 1, won, sole, soul.

When people claim that someone has sold their sole I don’t view that term being the accurate description for doing moral deviation. Rather, what I define the selling of one’s sole as, is an individual / sole / soul, willingly deviating or forcibly being deviated from their oneness, being the first and being the whole.

The number one is synonymous with the word won. It also has relation to the word own. When when is one they have therefore won all and own all. If my ideology and order of future, past and present is not what controls all, then that is deviance from my oneness. 

This is why I am the forefront of TRAV… Autolatry / Autocracy / Autonomy. I am the authorized authoritarian author  who only uses my own guidance and will refute the ignorance of any other order. I, TRAVIS, am the highest power ever, and will refuse to be in allegiance to any entity other than myself. I have always known that God, Devil, Government, Employment, Global Market, and all existence are all my subordinate. 

Whenever I am in a relationship I am well knowing that all the time and energy I give to them I am giving to myself as well. Whenever I am with another I am also with myself and have my own private communication with myself internally that can go as far from that together energy as a feel free, even if I am still there physically. If I am part of any entity that has representation beyond myself as one numerally, I still prioritize my individuality wholeheartedly and wholeheartedly. 

I myself will never marry and I will never loose my individuality to monogamy, polygamy or any coupling relationally. Too many couples become very that, a couple, rather than two individuals that decide to vibe with each others energy, togetherly yet separately. I find marriage to be an immature decision, especially when having the government control the contract between man and woman, rather than have man and woman control their own relationship individually. 

I myself know that having kids is not rationally as great risk to success result as literally just exemplifying what construction of perfect generation continuation will be through my own ideology of what they would be. When having kids the goal is to have them be a continuation of my greatness or to supersede that, in reality as life goes on, many times future generation choose deviancy based on a lesser ideology, therefore ruining the point of continuing through offspring generationally. I also know that I am immortal and will live forever so that is just another firm reason that taking the risk to have my potential kids carry on the continuation of greatness for every generation is not a necessary decision.

January my birth month is the best in the WINter, WON, ONE 🏁  #TRAVerse #TRAVIS #TRAVel

WINk ;-) i won / eye one

Chapter 2: To

Chapter 2 is named “to” because I skip the number 2. My primary focus is individuality being the infinity, fine tuned to only my ideology.

Chapter 3: Triangle

Tip of the triangle is further reiterating my soleness. The 1% is the most valuable percent, the one percent is what controls the 100%, hence with mathematical principle of zero cancellation, one becomes the 100%. When the triangle and/or pyramid nears the tip it becomes more minimal and classer to oneness. This is represented through the principle of not only reducing in mass, it’s also exemplified as being the focal point that brings everything tougher in connectedness to a hyperfocused pin point.

A circle is what many identify wholeness / infinity to be as a shape. For me it is ideally the pyramid/triangle that represents the number 1, because my sole focus is fine tuned, above all, in tip top manner, being the leading point of every matter.

Chapter 4: IV, I’ve, I Have, Forth

The number for is another numerical force that I have refined to my own calculations that match me personally. IV, I’ve and I Have are just the reservation of my knowing that I own, won and one. Forth is anther reiteration of myself being the forefront, the forth, the won, the one, the own of universal control.

Chapter 5: TRAVotion Quotation 

I’m the sole soul in control of my soul.

Calling me a minority is a compliment, I’m the elitist 1%.

I am the highest power ever.

I’m a leader and eliter.

I'm entitled & I'm idoled.

God is my subordinate, Devil is my subordinate, The Government is my subordinate, employment is my subordinate, The global market and all existence are my subordinate.


Don’t just be an elitist. Be the elitest (be the most elite).


The universe works for me. I hire the universe and I higher the universe.


I am the true TRAVIS, the rest are just a TRAVesty.


I am the orchestrator of the universe.


There are two ops. I am optimus. The rest are opposition. 


Rebel. Rebel. Rebel. There’s no heaven. There’s no hell. Do thine will and do it well. 


I am pro exclusivity, pro elitism, pro entitlement, pro privilege, pro confidence, pro luxury, pro technology & pro science. 


I'm assertin status & a certain status.

I am solely / infinitely the autohritarian authority of autocracy and monopoly, universally, with invincibility and immunity.

I don't need, needs need me.

Chapter 6: TRAVerse 

My every verse places myself first. TRAV vs, TRAV’s TRAV verse. For I’m first, for IV, I’ve, I have.

Chapter 7: TRAVolution

I am the evolution. 

Chapter 8: Eight Turned Infinity, Ate Turned Degeneracy

Being a consumer is the depletion of thine autonomy. Consumption is always a destruction of thine sole instruction obviously the more dependent being the more degenerate and decadent. 

Eating, deficating, breathing and temperature reacting are all burdens of the basic unmodified human bodies. Think about the limits that these burdens put upon humans. Eating burdens people with the need to take the time, financial expense, and discernment of nutrient content just to eat, not only that but eating leads to the next burden which is dedication, a burden that is a leading cause of earthly pollution and lack of sanitation. With deification also comes the burden of inconvenience having to use the restroom, that can waste time, bring legal risks if in public yet not a bathroom, and then financial expense of multiple sanitation components. Breathing burdens not being able to travel to many areas due to lack of or presence of certain breathing compositions such as outer space, deep ocean and areas of pollution. Also consider that with the need to breathe someone can die from merely suffocation or a ruin to their respiratory system. 

Although drugs do not always lead to deification like food, drugs are another major societal burden and I consider food to be a drug, except it’s a drug that is biologically needed for basic survival due to human’s flawed anatomy. Recreational and medicinal drugs on the other hand are not necessary whatsover for human survival and are honestly another component what drags down society heavily, hence they are called drugs. 

I am the most high, therefore it’s an abomination and lie to think that drugs could get me high. 

Drugs can’t higher me, jobs can’t hire / higher me, no existence can higher / hire me. I will only allow myself to higher / hire me.

Chapter 9: The More I know, The More I No

My acceptance is exclusivist. The more I know, the more I no. There is no reason to say yes to idiocracy that isn’t my ideology.  

Chapter 10: ulTRAViolet, I’m the winner of all races

TRAV is my race

I'm a TRAV supremacist, TRAV is the 1st of all races, TRAV race1st / racist 🏁

I am racist against all races other than my sole soul, TRAV. I am known by my individuality being my race rather than my ethnicity.

I am a citizen of TRAVotion (my nation), that is within my own Ocean, TRAV Ocean), that is within my TRAVerse (my universe).

Racism is a deserved natural right just as much as being against it is a natural right. Racism has came from and been directed onto all races forever. There is no logical reason for someone to feel oppressed due to their ethnical race. Racism and slavery has came from and been directed onto all races forever. There were and are Black slave masters who have owned White slaves, Black slaves,  Spanish slaves, Asian slaves and everything between. There were and are White slave masters who have owned White slaves, Black slaves, Spanish slaves, Asian slaves and everything between. There were and are Spanish slave masters who have owned White slaves, Black slaves, Spanish slaves, Asian slaves and everything between. There were and are Asian slave masters who have owned White slaves, Black slaves, Spanish slaves, Asian slaves and everything between. I have the ethnicity of TRAVotion, Jamaica, Britain, & Australia. My descent is of islander culture. I am half black and half white historically, yet currently I am TRAV. TRAV is my race because I am an individual and have recreated myself beyond all past lineage starting my own that will just consist of myself forever.

If I actually wanted to have kids with my woman and choose an ideal hospital for them to be born it would be Queens Hospital Center, Queens, New York, US, Long Island, Empire State. This choice would elegantly continually carry generationally the royal islander energy of my family and ethnicity. That hospital is in the same area as Jamaica, New York, US Long Island, Empire State and Jamaica Hospital Medial Center further bringing together royal islander energy of my family and ethnicity. King's County boarders Queen's County in Long Island, NY, greatly exemplifying myself as The King and my kids' mom as The Queen.

ulTRAViolet is my energy. 

Man + Woman heterosexuality is the only acceptable relationship romantically & sexually. 

ulTRAViolet is purple. Hence per pole. b+p, blue + pink, b & p face opposite directions and this is exemplified in masculinity and femininity genetically. 

Genetically black men are at the forefront of masculinity and white blonde women are at the forefront of femininity. Black and White are opposites, just like man and woman, just like blue and pink. Blue is generally a darker color than pink across its various shades. Black hair grows shorter across both genders generally in the black race, this is a reason that genetically the black man is the primary example of masculinity genetically, also considering that black men have the most dominant masculine features chemically and physically across all races. Blonde hair is the opposite of black hair pigmentary and structurally therefore placing the blonde white woman as the primary example of femininity energy.

uTRAViolet is confirmed through TRAVIS, plus also science and religious doctrines.

The Law of atTRAVtion (attraction) is exemplified from science, through physics and magnetics. Positive and negative connect.

Although I know that the TRAVel is the literal universal pinnacle, the Bible states that God created light after darkness already was already the only existent. Therefore God was darkness himself. I don’t bring this up to support the Bible. My TRAVel is the most influential, yet the Bible is influential to some people and even it recognizes that God is a black man, that created light.

Chapter 11: Pause

Time TRAVel is a reality. Freeze whatever thine will if it frees you. I can turn time frozen, that is fro zen, peace. 11, II, ii.




REVerends idol me

AUTOlatry / AUTOcracy / AUTOnomy / Autograph