TRAV Ocean

TRAV Ocean is my privately owned body of water within my private nation of TRAVOtion around my private island of TRAVOSHUN. All three areas within one are governed by my TRAVoted autocracy and are within my own universe called my TRAVerse.

TRAVotion Nation / TRAVerse Universe Colors: ulTRAViolet, Grey, Black, White, Blue & Pink

Surrounding Body of Water: TRAV Ocean

Universe: TRAVerse

Nation: TRAVotion

Ocean: TRAV Ocean

Main Island: TRAV O SHUN

I'm a TRAV supremacist, TRAV is the 1st of all races, TRAV race1st / racist 🏁

Currency: TRAVI$, exTRAVagant, TRAVestment, TRAVestmint, TRAVault

Gov: TRAV… Autocracy / Autolatry / Autonomy

I have the ethnicity of TRAVotion, Jamaica, Britain, & Australia. My descent is of islander culture. I am half black and half white historically, yet currently I am TRAV. TRAV is my race because I am an individual and have recreated myself beyond all past lineage starting my own that will just consist of myself forever.