TRAVelin TRAVillain

TRAVelin TRAVillain is my street racing league. I have also authored a book inspired about the deeper story of this topic.

This brand also meshes well with TRAV VS / TRAVerse another name for my street racing leage. TRAVerse means to TRAVel and also the universe of TRAVIS. TRAV VS is recognizing me competing, hence verses and always coming in 1st place.

TRAV VS / TRAVerse is also my performance exhaust brand, hence being competitive in its auto audio verses as I TRAVerse around the universe. Hence my exhaust making sound notes like a song verse. It is REVered (Revered / Rev Eared). I have made a CAReer (Career / Car Ear) from automotive racing & engineering (Engine Ear Ring).

My instagrams for my street racing content are @streetracescene and @travelintravillain

Me with my 1of1 TRAVelin TRAVillain Edition BMW