I am going to release TRAVestmint apparel inspired by App Errol (Apperrol) & Errol App (Errolapp) (The company inspired by my father, Everlasting Living)

TRAVest, TRAVestmint and TRAVestin are my clothing labels all summarized to TRAVest

I won't leave an Establishement and Estate to anyone. I advise noone to do so because we can all truly live forever everlasting. App Errol has the same inspiration, my father's everlasting living from himself for himself is priority. Same for my Mother and My Sister and ever other life form and "dead form". A Peril will never take my loving father, my loving mother, my loving Sister and my loving everyother from us.

My main article of clothing will be the TRAVEST, a vest ment to be worn of a formal button down... puffer vest, fleece vest, sharp suit vest and other variations, for all genders and even for animals as well. Leashing animals by the neck is cruel, if anything a vest leash is better, yet optimally no leash is good. I miss my Siberian Husky Optimus yet I know his freedom to roam at his freeness is more important than my welcoming of his company as a cool dog. The TRAVest will have variations with many pockets and compartments, then some variations with no compartments nor pockets.