TRAVelin TRAVillain

Book Preview

Dark, night, TRAVillain and the travel of the car light…

TRAVIS, known in the elitist underground street racing league as TRAVelin TRAVilllain. He is more than a speed demon… He is more than a speed devil… He is TRAVelin TRAVillain to most, TRAVel TRAVil to the more in the knowing & TRAV to the very finest of elite. 

The turbo is splashing like a sneeze, exhaust popping like gun shots. TRAVillain’s car is the prime example of buying your vehicle straight from factories and not car lots. 

See, everybody is so focused on TRAVillain TRAVelin around the globe menacing the streets as his cars sing. Yet they aren’t aware that TRAV has a much more high stakes secret exploration of TRAVel they don’t know of. TRAV would accept a few people to actually experience or view his gravity defying UFOs, yet it was whimsical distraction from the fact that TRAV is supernatural and doesn’t need external extraterrestrial material. TRAV as a sole individual has the superpower of all forms and dimensions of TRAVel…

TRAV VS Earth was the first court case that involved someone being called to trail against every government on earth.

TRAVerse Earth is what resulted from their attempt that he easily overcame. TRAVerse took over Earth and TRAVerse became known as the new name of the universe. TRAVerse has always been the true universe except TRAVerse control was the greatest secret ever kept in all existence until he allowed it to be known.