xxxxTRAVagant (ForExTRAVagant)

TRAVI$ • exTRAVagant

xxxxTRAVagant (ForExTRAVagant) is exTRAVagant's foreign exchange (Forex) sector within exTRAVagant

xxxxTRAVagant is my (ForEx Four X) foreign sector of my US Head Quartered company. his sector is for banking, wealth management, financial lending, securities exchanging, secuitires investing, commodity transporting &  commodity vaulting. xxxxTRAVagant is also my private owned G2G Peace Embassy. 

xxxxTRAVagant is also resembles the compass + shape of TRAV. Hence, x + xxxx ++++

xxxxTRAVagant is also resembles the last 4 of Social Security. xxxxTRAVagant is a strong supporter of social scoring and keeps it's own tabs on social scoring in addition to other entities that have various social scoring systems.

TRAV$ exTRAVagant coin

TRAV$ exTRAVagant coin