Being TRAV… being AUTO… being SELF….

Autotrophy / Autocracy / Autonomy / Autolatry is part of my TRAV Autograph, producer (+ducer) is my energy… 

Consumption is the most degenerate weakness of all the human race…. Food, Air, Doctrine, Drugs are all things heavily consumed by the dependent masses, keeping them enslaved to need &/or perceived need of anything other than themselves. 

If I don’t have myself… I don’t rely purely on myself… Then nothing matters, I am life.

Dependent consumption is the root of most poverty, delusions, poor decisions disease & decease.

My energy is the opposite of slow. My energy is fast. Slowness is a synonym of mental ignorance. Fastness is a synonym of mental intelligence. Fasting has happened in religious rituals forever and I am my only religious reverence, my religion worships myself, TRAVIS. This reverence of my self ordinance is autolatry. I am the vehicle of life itself. It is weak & deadly to ever need any existence other than myself. If all was to suddenly or gradually non-exist, I would not allow that to stop me from recreating the universe better from thereon out nor would I ever consider suicide. 

For I am my greatest value, therefore having myself is the opposite of suicidal, because if I am not existing, then there is nothing to live for. 

I will go into detail of each main dependency of non genetically engineered humans and how they lead to degeneracy if not replaced with Autotroph / Autocracy / Autonomy / Autolatry.

Food: Food leads to a vast collection of issues. Food is the domino effect of total destruction. One problem is having to find food that actually has proper non-tainted nutrition (although all food is bad for creation, some foods are less unhealthy than others). Then there is the problem of deification. Deification is unsanitary, inconvenient, costly and environmentally results in creation degeneracy.

Air: Needing to breathe air and a certain quality of air chemically cannot only can lead to degeneracy of the entire body is not breathing properly but can limit mobility unfortunately consequently.

Doctrine: Being of any doctrine other than your own 1/1 doctrine is another culprit of degeneracy. Regardless of how righteous or malice a doctrine someone follows is, if it is not them being the leader of it, even if it’s doctrine they discovered from another source than self, being the leader of all doctrine is important. If someone follows a righteous leader, that leader can deviate / degenerate into a different direction, leading the sheep into diversion. If someone follows a righteous leader, that leader can stay righteous forever yet decide to not lead anymore &/or just die, therefore the followers of that leader will now be lost of guidance &/or inspiration further out. Therefore, I never allow any existence to lead myself other than myself.    

Drugs: Drugs are problematic just like food. Drugs are literally a form of food yet not essential like food to simply survive. Drugs are for recreation &/or medicinal, yet if you don’t have health issues or don’t foreshadow any to prevent then there is not need for the lame excuse of medicinal. Obviously recreational use of drugs is the decision of an imbecile. Drugs, drag people down. Nothing can get me high when I am my highest by the truth that I merely exist. TRAV is the powerful forever era of ourselves sober being our highest power. TRIP & TRAP are negative energies in the influential art world that are drug related. ONce again, TRIP (drug) drag people down and TRAP (drug) drag people down and hinder motion. TRAV totally uplifts people through (trav/auto/self), TRAV is true power + TRAV is the leader of AUTOtrophy.