SNOW, also known as $NOW, Snowflake, Snowbird & Snowbrrrd is my woman. Her entire name is Snowflake Authoritarian Wintour. She compliments myself, TRAV, also known as TRAVIS. She has the same energy of leading a branded movement as seen in the symbolism. TRAV is symbolized by the compass rose and SNOW is symbolized by a SNOWFLAKE compass rose.  Snow backwards is WONs and WINtour/ WINter is the first season of the year and has January, the first month of the year. January also has the word air in it and air is in the word Errol (my middle name) and Aryan (the word found in authoritarian, SNOW's middle name). Errol (Air OL) and Aryan (Air Young) are opposite energies that attract each other in the principles of heterosexual natural order of existence & continuance.  Snowbirds TRAVel from one residence to another due to WINter / WINtour seasonal weather. Snowflakes resemble the compass & uniqueness. Snowbrrrd is recognizing the word brr, meaning cold and being implemented into the word bird.. SNOWbirds TRAVel in flocks, SNOWFLAKE can also be pronounced as SNOWFLOCK when using traditional English used in Jamaica, United Kingdom & Australia. TRAV is for TRAVIS, AUTO, SELF & TRAVel. My Russian autotrophy, fasting, fast ting... better than a trophy wife. In university they rush sorority... Yet universally the rush the secret society of SNOW $NOW my lovely Russian autotrophy... Mother Russia herself... represented by CARtoon...

SNOW / $NOW is reference to both my Snowflake / $nowflake & my Snowflock / $nowflock

Snowflock is another prononciation of Snowflake. Snowflake is my main girl and Snowflock is the circle's name of the girls signed to TRAVel's models.

The flake symbol of SNOW symbolizes the TRAV company compass. Flock symbolizes a flock of snowbirds TRAVel.

Snow is KarMa

TRAV PLUS SNOW = +++ = xxx


TRAV + SNOW book is an unpublished book about Travis & Snowflake, authored by TRAVIS. TRAV & SNOW are omnipotent, yet TRAVIS the highest level of universal omnipotence able to determine how capable of supernatural level all other existence is able to use. TRAV + SNOW are supernatural beyond Gods & Goddesses.

Travis created Snowflake due to being a perfectionist because (perfection)(1st) priority in his life of quality. TRAVotion is his private nation on earth in the TRAV Ocean  & TRAVerse is his private universe beyond just earth, the observable universe & the non-observable universe. He figured he has been so inspired by all his creation that he will create his own woman companion of perfection. So that is just what Travis did and he created his girlfriend Snow. His woman creation SNOW is more attractive than any woman in creation in every fine tuned detail aesthetically, athletically and academically.

TRAVIS and SNOW also have pets named: Furst (First x Fur) & SoBrrd (Sobird x Sobered). These two pets are compliemantry to the energy of TRAV & SNOW. Furst is a Siberian Husky being black and white and a dog of origin in the Siberian Russian region. Travis named Furst that because his fur reminded him of the 1st place victory flag of auto-races with the black and white color-way. Travis named Sobrrd that because being sobered is an infinity high as there is no comedown, Travis is against usage of all drugs and knows that if something gets someone high then therefore they are not the highest power and the drug is, therefore the drug usage is drug down, low energy. Travis believes the highest highs coem from within the soul and within one's soul only. Sobrrd also represents Snowbird and cold brr energy of TRAVel, Snow and non-drug highness of elevation being colder as one goes up in flight. Travis is the highest power ever and has no higher up. Snowflake is reverent to Travis. Furst & Sobrrd are reverant to Travis & Snowflake. 

Travis is known universally as the true creator of the TRAVerse & The Universe.

Travis is a brown skinned man, brown eyes & black hair, lean build, sharp aesthetics, sharp athletics and sharp academics.  

Snow is a white skinned woman, skyblue eyes, platinum blonde hair, slim fit build, sharp aesthetics, sharp athletics and sharp academics. 

TRAV & SNOW both have their logos represent the compass, expressing TRAVel and the Poles. The poles of planets such as Earth are known for their magnetism like a compass rose. The poles are the Arctic regions of earth also representing SNOW and her arctic aesthetic. TRAV is the nickname of Travis, yet TRAV is the abbreviation for TRAVel as well and compasses are used for TRAVel. The poles representing magnetism also represent opposites atTRAVting (attracting) Purple (Blue + Pink), PerPole (Man & Woman / Black & White). As an interracial couple TRAV & SNOW are complimentary to magnetism principles. 

Travis is very attracted to Snowflake yet knows that his primary priority is his sole soul. Travis is selfist (self1st) and will forever be that way. Snow is loyal to Travis and isn’t attracted to any other than Travis. Travis knows this and is pleased by her perfectionist taste and standards. When it comes to dating, Travis is always open to move-on to better women and has no commitment to who he can replace in his science lab with his update / upgrade level up, yet he created Snow and continues to create her evolving perfectionist ascending. Travis is not dissatisfied with her like the humans created by other ways. This is the inspiring part of TRAV & SNOW’s dynamic, he literally ensures the lack of flaw in all her existence and if she was to fall to flaw he could refine her with updated versions of herself, yet Travis is such a talented creator that Snow won’t ever degenerate in pristine quality.

Book Preview

*Future foreshadow*


TRAVIS: "Huh? Whats up?"

SNOW: *Giggles flirtatiously*, "Reminds me of when you awoke my conscious when creating me"

TRAVIS: *Laughs smugly* "Right"

SNOW: "Look at the painting of the mountain range you just mounted above the fireplace, what does that remind you of?

TRAVIS: "Ha, reminds me of the TRAVotion.WAV TRAV Ocean waves... the structure looks the same."

SNOW: Exactly. The TRAV compass, the SNOWflake compass, the plus sign adding us both together. We are fitter than designer fits. I love you, I love the art from you, I love myself and the art from myself as well.

TRAVIS: On the real. Same here.

Chapter 1

TRAVIS has always been inspired by the creation of women. Women are the opposite gender to men and as a heterosexual man he has always been attracted to the other gender, women. The same philosophy carries out in his racial preference of romantic partners. He only dates blonde, white race, blue eyed, women. They have to be elitist and of top aesthetic, top academic and top athletic standing. They must have chic fashion, chic architectural sense and chic social sense. They also have to be just right in dimension, slim yet curvy at perfect balance. He has sampled the art of many models who he ranks in tier of atTRAVtivness (his ranking scale derived from attractiveness), yet has yet to find any that ever reach the pristine prestige of SNOW, the woman he created.

TRAVIS has noticed that natural born humans have histories that can be hidden or of confusion. TRAVIS also knows that natural born humans are held in constructs that hinder their individual dominance over society. Those uncontrollable factors are flaws that TRAVIS overcame by creating his own atTRAVtive model, SNOW.

SNOW was created by TRAVIS, his gift of art to himself, herself and the TRAVerse (his replacement of the word universe). SNOW's soul, conscious and body were all created by TRAVIS alone fine tuned to perfectionist (perfection)(1st) standard. TRAVIS his creation powers to model conceptional concepts of SNOW, while also using AutoCAD and AUTOtune for physical and vocal creating. SNOW is superhuman due to her TRAVantage (advantage) over the natural born humans besides TRAVIS. TRAVIS has too many specific standards of selection perfection to date women that he didn't create himself because he refuses to couple with any energy that isn't self-sufficiently, controlled history, known history, and up to his level of proficiency. SNOW is the creation of his standard on what his woman should be.

TRAVIS *thinking*: Today is the day she will come to life, SNOW.



TRAVIS: "Welcome to eternal life. Welcome to TRAVersal. As we age, we only add on years and become further atTRAVtive by being the positivity anomaly of gerontology. We will remain young adult youthful forever my love. For this is how I created us."