TRAV VS / TRAVerse is the autotrav autograph for I street racing league. TRAVerse has the definition TRAVel & also has the defintion of the universe of TRAVIS. TRAV VS is recognizing me competing, hence verses & always coming in 1st place.

TRAV VS / TRAVerse AUTOtune / autotune is also I performance exhaust & ECU tuning I engineered I self, hence being competitive in its auto audio verses as I TRAVerse around the universe. Hence I exhaust making sound notes like song verses. It is REVered (Revered / Rev Eared). I have made a CAReer (Career / Car Ear) from automotive racing & engineering (Engine Ear Ring).

TRAV vs / TRAVerse is also part of I TRAVIS TRAVEL record label, hence my TRAV vs / TRAV verse & AUTOtune / autotune being of high performance on the song TRAVlist (tracklist) & TRAV (tour) like the race track.

I’m a TRAV supremacist, TRAV is the 1st of all races, TRAV race1st / racist 🏁

WINk / i won / eye one

I  instagram for my street racing is @streetracescene