TRAVersity is I private esoteric higher education entity of supremacy above university. TRAVersity controls holds supremacy above all adversity. 

TRAVersity is 1% acceptance rate. This means for every 1,000 students that apply only 10 get offered admission. 

TRAVersity mascot: TRAV The Campus Compass

TRAVersity colors: Grey, ulTRAViolet, Black & White

TRAVersity controls Uni... University, Universe, You & I (u n’ î)

TRAVersity operates as both the University & IVY FC (Ivy League Finals Club). Due to its exclusivity it doesn't partake in publicity.

TRAVersity is the entity that has the most powerful family bloodlines as members. Having inTRAVenous (IV) bloodline clearance is a condition of acceptance amongst many other requisites.

TRAVersity also provides private scholarships to USC (University Of Southern California) students, called the TRAVersity TRAVeller Scholarships.