TRAV... Autotrophy / Autocracy / Autonomy / Autolatry / Autograph

TRAV… Autotrophy / Autocracy / Autonomy / Autolatry / Autograph

TRAV… (Intro)

I AM TRAV… Leader of AUTO… Leader of RACY…


Autolatry (Chapter 1)

Self-Worship of myself TRAVIS has always been my religion and spiritual TRAVotion (devotion).

Autocracy (Chapter 2)


I am the movement… evolution… revolution…

TRAV… AUTO… RACY… are all my energy

I’m ahead of all races… When I’m deemed as racist against all races (human race, alien race, etc…) it’s because my race is TRAVIS. My individuality is my priority instead of occupying a category. I'm a TRAV supremacist, TRAV is the 1st of all races, TRAV race1st / racist 🏁


Auto is Self

Racy is Race (Rat Race / Masses)

Hence Auto<rat

The greater than sign represents being open to the number that is more. More is not better though. More is actually the opposite of the 1%, ^ carrot pyramid tip & minority energy. Hence the tip of the “<“ sign points to the smaller number, the more valuable number, to the true leader. 

Autonomy (Chapter 3)

Autonomy is my energy. There is no defining me unless I find it be.